This may be due to a weak signal coming from the antenna or dish. Please do the following step;
1. Click the Menu button on the remote of Decoder.
2. Double-click the (i) icon under the Menu button to check the percentage of Strength and Quality bars in the box that appears.
3. The blue bar should be almost full, and the yellow bar should be about two-thirds full. You have a full blue bar, Turn the antenna or dish until the yellow bar reaches about 75%. You must adjust and adjust the position. You can auto scan if the scan is successful.
Press the menu button on the Decoder Remote. You can now perform channel searches by clicking Auto Scan in the menu that appears.
If the test does not work, check the antenna (or) dishes. Antenna cable replacement if necessary.

Another way to channel search - If you have completed the blue bar (100%); If you get the yellow bar (75%), you can also find the channels by factory reset.
From CANAL + Remote, press the Menu key to enter System Settings.
After entering System Settings, the Menu Lock Box will appear, and you will need to enter (0000) for password.
After entering the Password (0000), click OK in Factory Reset in System Settings.
CANAL+ Screen will appear after pressing Factory Reset.
Then select the automatic query from the decoder to select the language. If you find it easier to adjust the settings, it is advisable to choose English.
After selecting the language, Easy Installation will appear and change the NTSC to Picture Standard. Click OK to search for Auto channels. As a last resort, be careful not to click Stop Search while searching for channels.
Once you have done the above steps, all the channels will come in. Once all the channels are found, the decoder will automatically display Saving and you will be able to watch all the TV channels comfortably.

If you have any problem or still your problem was not solve -please contact to our contact center hot line 09969983588 and CANAL + Myanmar FG Facebook Messenger (8 am to 10 pm, everyday) (OR) please check the decoder at Yangon and Mandalay Showroom or nearest dealer shop.

If you want to buy Voucher Code to watch CANAL+ TV programs in myCANAL Myanmar Application, you can buy CANAL+ Myanmar FG Facebook Message Box. Please click on the Main Menu. Then click Buy CANAL+ Voucher and click BUY VOUCHER again. Then select your Premium Package and Basic Package, enter your fill phone number, and Click Pay. After checking the type of package, you want to buy payment, please click confirm. The next step is to select the type of payment you want to pay, enter your name, and email and enter the selected application to make the payment.

In the Basic package of myCANAL, you can choose to buy for :
- 7days - 500 kyats, - 15 days - 700 kyats, - 30 days - 1000 kyats.

In the Premium packages, you can choose :
- 7days - 700 kyats, - 15 days - 1300 kyats, - 30 days - 2500 kyats

Please contact to call center hot line 09969983588 and CANAL + Myanmar FG Facebook Messenger (8 am to 10 pm, everyday) with your renewal card number.